Since we cooperate with the best specialists in the field, training in knife fighting and defence is conducted at MTT by a trainer of special forces and many other uniformed formations in Poland and Europe. The techniques of knife fighting and defence are the result of two decades of experience gained in the Philippines, Thailand and our country. The effectiveness of the techniques taught was personally verified by the instructor in street confrontations in a real scuffle.

If you want to increase the safety of yourself and your loved ones in life-threatening situations, there is no place for experimentation – trust the specialists. MTT and UKF (Urban Knife Fighting) is a guarantee of safety and effectiveness in teaching. We learn how to behave depending on the type of aggression and degree of danger, how to defend yourself against a knife in order not to kill but to save yourself. We teach how to be effective when your life or that of your loved ones is at risk.

SIMPLICITY, SPEED and EFFICIENCY are the basic rules of training. There’s no place for mistake. Life is not a computer game.