Trainings for people with different levels of physical fitness – self-defense techniques adapted to individual needs and aptitudes of the student.
Classes conducted by the best instructors with the qualifications of the largest KRAV MAGA Federation in the world – European Krav Maga Federation – Richard Douieb. All our instructors are state licensed instructors – trainers of martial arts and sports. We cooperate with Polish KRAV MAGA Association to guarantee the highest quality of training, safety and effectiveness in teaching.

The trainings are carried out in the form of camps, thematic internships and regular classes in the Polish KRAV MAGA Association sections affiliated by European Krav Maga Federation – RD. We also provide courses to the order of interested recipients according to the authors’ programs tailored to the needs of the entity ordering the training. For uniformed formations we organize courses of close contact combat – WWBK with the granting of state instructor powers according to the program developed for Polish Army soldiers.