Within this subject, we conduct courses in combat and safe use of BLOS firearms – divided into levels. These trainings are designed for both, beginners and advanced people – the nature of the training is adjusted to the participants’ abilities.

The courses are conducted by the creator of the BLOS system according to programs implemented in the Polish Army. They end, after passing the examination, with the issue of a certificate confirming the qualifications of the graduate depending on the level passed.

Within the courses we can specify:

  • Gun – level I basic
  • Gun – level II intermediate
  • Gun – level III advanced
  • Carbine – level I basic
  • Carbine – level II intermediate
  • Carbine – level III advanced
  • Close contact combat situation shots
  • Further training courses
  • Courses to improve shooting skills. Close distance combat tactics combined with melee combat – close contact combat (WWBK)
  • Dynamic shooting – gunfighting
  • Recreational shooting / Integration training with weapons