Lieutenant Colonel Lt. Kmdr. / Lt. Col. | Head of the MTT

Brief info

For three decades, „TEACHER” has been educating successive graduates of the Academy of Military Training, then the Land Forces Training Centre in Poznań. Soldier of Special Unit 4026 Formoza – Head of the Specialist Training Section. Currently Senior Lecturer at the Land Forces Academy – Wrocław (Department of Shooting Theory and Practice) – Head of the Close Contact Combat Team (WWBK) and Arms Combat (BLOS). Creator of the system of training in weaponry combat and close contact fighting for the Polish Army.
President and founder of KRAV MAGA Poland Association. III Dan Darga KRAV MAGA, I Dan Judo, M.Sc. Physical Education – teaching direction, Judo trainer, shooting, KRAV MAGA, climbing, skiing and self-defense instructor.