About us

Training for uniformed formations and civilians

We provide training in safety, security, combat and safe use of weapons.

We organize recreational self-defense classes in the krav maga system, shooting, trainings, consultations, courses, seminars.

We offer consulting on safety and protection of people and property.

We offer courses with international certificates – instructor’s certificates

Fighting and safe handling of weapons – BLOS level A, B, C
Fighting in close contact WWBK
Knife fighting
Techniques and tactics of police-military intervention

We are always accompanied by a motto in the implementation of training and everyday life – a quote that definies our attitude to adversity and the tasks we face:

``Those who want to, look for ways,
those who don’t want to, look for reasons.``

In MTT’s business, we always look for ways to achieve the task so that safety doesn’t limit the effectiveness of the weapon and the capabilities of our body, and, on the other hand, so that the effectiveness of the weapon and our behaviours don’t violate safety rules.


When you do what you like in life, you’re always having fun. When fun gives financial satisfaction – pleasure is double. If people who participate in our training return to the next by bringing their friends and recommending us to other companies, it is a sign that it’s worthwhile to engage in this activity, honestly and with respect for the rules. Without looking for „cheap” solutions, safely and at the highest didactic level.

Meet Our Team

Włodzimierz KOPEĆ

Lieutenant Colonel Lt. Kmdr. / Lt. Col. | Head of the MTT

Meet the head of the MTT team – an experienced trainer of the Polish Army and creator of the BLOS and WWBK systems.

William Peyriere


Instructor in the MTT team – an experienced soldier and policeman. A specialist in the field of security and passionate about shooting.



Instructor in the MTT team – an experienced soldier. The BLOS system specialist.

Kacper KOPEĆ

Instructor - assistant

Shooting instructor – assistant, paramedic.